The fundamentals for attracting sponsors in 2020

Sport and entertainment organizations have a constant need for resources to flourish and continue to fulfill their social roles over time. We discussed the reasons for this need in our article on sports associations and financial security . We mentioned the importance of gaining financial autonomy, which has become an obligation for players who are increasingly left to their own devices: reduction in community subsidies and sponsorship revenues that are increasingly difficult to generate.

There is no doubt that optimizing ticket and refreshment revenues is already mobilizing the energy of these essential volunteers. But with little room for maneuver on the capacity of infrastructure during events, sponsorship seems to be the source of income on which it seems to be necessary to capitalize in spite of everything. Yes but how?

There is still a lever that is surprisingly under-exploited by some of these organizations: digital.
According to the Médiamétrie study of September 2019, France with its 67M inhabitants, has 71.9% of internet users and 58% of active social media users. Gone are the days when it was still possible to ignore the power of digital technology.
We had already mentioned the solutions offered by the Centrale du Sport or even Les Bons Plans du Club. Although the ingenuity of these concepts is to be praised, we still wondered whether we should not first and foremost look at a structural adjustment that allows organizations to multiply the value of the promised consideration: this famous visibility.

Hire a good social media manager

With this new issue, players who refused to manage their organizations like a business will inevitably have to review their copies. Because as in the business world, those who do not adapt will survive very painfully.

To exploit the digital lever, recruiting volunteers for missions dedicated to communication and community management is essential.A modern website, animated social networks following an editorial line, unique and quality content (video, photo, interviews)… These are the basic ingredients which allow sports and entertainment organizations to engage the fans who bring them the precious arguments in their search for new sponsors.

Everything is obviously not done in a snap, nevertheless the time of half a season is enough to start the harvest of the fruit of this digital optimization with an ascending fan base curve.

And to inspire the community manager in his mission of creating ever more original content,Silmediabrings together the original creations of entertainment players.

Create value to restore win-win

With a relatively large community, the organization can prospect its new sponsors by proudly exhibiting its new asset. The most seasoned volunteer, or with the nicest address book, is usually given this responsibility.

Today the solution
Silad Eventmakes it easier for him. The platform offers a distribution base and commercial expertise to rights holders looking for new sponsors. By proposing in particular a new generation of space, hybridization of advertising and sponsorship, Silad offers untapped resources until then in the marketing of entertainment in France.

In a time when sponsorship looks, in practice, more and more to patronage, Silad rebalances the balance by providing the sponsor with the business leverage for which he signs by leaning on the rights holder, now a producer of digital content.

If we observe the results of the latest Sporsora study on the perception of fans vis-à-vis sponsors in sport, it would be appropriate for brands to turn to the vector of communication and generator of sympathy represented by sponsorship. All the more so if we take into account the growing fatigue of consumers vis-à-vis advertising.

The value generated is all the greater for certain players, professionals or amateurs, when they manage to exploit the data collected thanks to the construction of a robust communication ecosystem.

To obtain new sponsorship contracts for your events and join the clubs that bring together the most engaged communities, contactSilad.

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