About Silad

Launched in 2019, Silad is a business strategy and transformation consulting firm that also offers business solutions to sports and entertainment organizations.
We are specialists in marketing, finance, digital, new technologies and sport business.

Our team of digital natives, as brilliant as they are epicurean, infuse their energy into each consultation with the same constant, obtaining results beyond the client's expectations.

This is how we have been able to win the trust of large groups as well as smaller structures.

Our mission

To inspire, empower and support the economic development of Caribbean and global businesses.

Our vision

To create more sustainable growth for our customers, by stimulating innovation while reducing their environmental impact. Create access to opportunity for people around the world.

Our team

Our associates demonstrate their dedication and skills to our clients every day. Our aspirations: to understand the risks, the obstacles so that the change is impactful and lasting.

Let's discuss your needs and goals

Let's talk about it !

We are listening to you

Thank you for your interest in Silad. Please fill out this form to ask your questions and/or send us your brief. We will respond as soon as possible !

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